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Show Me the Money

Every person on this planet gets a job not only to satisfy his or her need for a career but also to earn enough money to live decently and enjoy a certain degree of comfort. While salary counts for a job candidate, there is always the question of whether it is right to share salary…

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Benefits of Employee Advocacy

Employee advocacy can be defined as the brand promotion or exposure that an organization enjoys through the usage of the social assets of its employees. Today, those social assets refer to social media popularity and also include email, chat, forum, discussion boards and more. Why should an organization engage in employee advocacy? Employees are the…

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Online Recruitment Advertising and ROI

The advertising campaign is a key component of the overall recruitment plan and one key element of being a great marketer is being able to measure your success. All of your internet activities connected with your company branding, job postings, and adverts can be tracked and analyzed, and these data will give you a good…

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